Featured Client: Breather

We’ve been working with Breather‘s office in NYC for several months now, and we love their product as much as we love their team. If you’ve ever needed to find a welcoming, creative place for your design team to brainstorm, for your sales team to bond, or for your executive team to strategize, Breather’s got tons of beautiful spaces all over the city that you can book by the hour or for a whole day.

This isn’t just empty talk. We’ve experienced them for ourselves. These spaces are like the  well-designed living rooms you see on Apartment Therapy’s Instagram feed that you can’t afford to design for yourself, no matter how much you save up for those accent pillows. Not only do they look so much better than those stodgy rooms people used to book, they’re outfitted for your team’s business needs–whiteboards, screens, projectors, it’s all there. And the spaces are quite affordable.

Okay, now that we’ve gushed about them, see what they had to say about working with us!

1. Name, job, company?

Packy McCormick, NYC General Manager, Breather

2. Why did you decide to seek out Vesper for additional support?

At Breather, we run a network of meeting and work spaces, so we thought we would be pros at running our own office. When we moved into our new office, however, we realized how much work was involved to make it a great place to come to work every day. By working with Vesper, we are able to focus on providing the best possible experience for our members, while working in an environment that runs smoothly.

3. Why did you choose Vesper over other services?

Vesper was an easy choice for three reasons:

1. The combination of in-person office management with virtual EA work has been invaluable.
2. Vesper’s ability to share resources and best practices among managers creates tremendous leverage.
3. It’s great working with another NYC startup instead of a stodgy staffing agency.

4. What does Vesper do to help you around the office? Any specific projects that Vesper has owned or managed?

Everything – from scheduling travel and meetings, to ordering supplies, to planning team lunches and happy hours, to setting up vendor accounts and managing our office cleaning, Katie makes sure that the Breather NYC office is a great place to work.

5. How has your work life changed since discovering Vesper?

It’s been really nice knowing that while we’re focusing on growing Breather, Katie is focusing on making sure everything else gets taken care of.

6. Sum up your experience with Vesper in 3 words:

Smooth, Reliable, Effortless


Want to see for yourself how Vesper can support or transform your office? Check out our quote calculator here for an estimate, and get in touch!