Your Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

It might still feel like the dead of winter in New York, but Spring is actually just around the corner! The new season is all about making a fresh start which is why so many people hop on board with a Spring Cleaning. And spring cleanings aren’t only to freshen up your home, they can also help your office space, too. According to the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, clutter can actually make you more distracted and less productive, so a spring cleaning can actually boost your productivity and help you get more done.

Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you want to help freshen up your office for the season, here is spring cleaning checklist that can help you declutter and spruce up your space.

Desk by Desk

Start by having your employees clean their own desks. You can offer sanitizing wipes to wipe down desk surfaces, armrests, phones and keyboards (added bonus, doing this frequently helps people control germs and stay healthy!). Microfiber cloths can help with cleaning electronic devices. Use compressed air dusters to clean keyboards and computer vents and the nooks and crannies in drawers. Then pitch any junk or excess paper you might have on your desk.

Computer Data

Encourage a company-wide computer scrubbing. This involves deleting excess or old files, updating to the most recent versions of programs and apps and uninstall the ones you don’t need. Run a virus scan and perform disk utility cleanups. This will helps ensure everyone’s computers are running at peak performance.

Break Room

The break room can get pretty scuzzy, even if you do regular cleanings. It’s good to do a serious attack every few months. Empty the fridge and toss any expired items. Scrub down the inside of the fridge and the microwave if you have one. Give the coffee maker an extra deep clean – it’s one of the most essential items in your office, after all! Clean any excess junk from the drawers and cupboards and sweep and mop until the room sparkles!

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets is where a lot of unnecessary paperwork piles up and collects dust over the years. It feels great to sort through the cabinets and pitch old or inactive files. Make sure your filing system is efficient and create files for new clients, customers and projects that you need to keep track of.

General Stuff

Dust the whole office and clean blinds or shades if you have them to let more light in. Vacuum rugs and carpets and clean air vents and baseboards. This will help keep the air cleaner so you can breathe more easily. Clean light fixtures, which can accumulate tons of dust and grime. Wash windows and sweep and mop your floors thoroughly.

Need assistance with a deep clean of your office space this Spring? Or want us to make a custom spring cleaning checklist for you? Give us a call at Vesper. We can send help ASAP.