5 Expert Recruiting Tips to Staff a Killer Startup

Employees are at the core of a new company’s success. Most businesses understand this — but it’s not always easy for young companies with limited resources and reach to find top talent. No matter whether you’ve been around for a while or you’re just getting your business off the ground, you might have to get inventive about how to find the best talent available.

Recruiting Tips for Recruitment Success

If you’re planning to grow your company in the new feature, check out this list of recruiting tips; it can help you fill your company with qualified, talented employees.

  1. Cast a Wide Net

Don’t get too hooked on one source for employees. Even if you’ve had great luck with Monster.com or Craigslist before (or even one certain University), there are plenty of other great places to turn to for quality hires. There are traditional routes, like job platforms and classifieds sites, but you can also take advantage of word-of-mouth by asking your personal connections and people in your employee’s networks. Carrie Simonds, VP of Pocket Gems, recommends that companies with fewer than 50 employees leverage the connections of all company employees first when it comes to recruiting.

  1. Foster Relationships with Candidates

If you’re doing it right, you’ll probably end up interviewing a number of people for each position. It’s really important to foster good relationships with these applicants – there’s a good chance that even if they aren’t quite right for that exact job that they could fit the bill for another opening in the future. Treat candidates with respect and don’t leave them hanging – always follow up with them to let them know you won’t be hiring them this time around. Business News Daily reported that about 46% of startup hires fail in the first 18 months, so you might want to keep some people in line for job openings down the line.

  1. Talk Up Your Company

One of the best ways to attract top talent is by generating buzz about your company. You want to be the kind of place where people are dying to work! Don’t be afraid to spend a little marketing cash on PR, and take out ads in publications that your employees like to read. Social media is also a great form of free exposure so start ramping up your online presence.

  1. Offer Sweet Benefits

Businesses are getting savvy about enticing top talent with killer benefits. You don’t have to break the bank but you can be creative about which benefits and perks you can dangle for extra allure. The ability to work remotely, flexible hours, weekly lunches at the office, a ping pong table…all of these can go a long way in making your workplace more desirable to great candidates.

  1. Be Persistent

If you are really trying to draw in top talent, chances are you’re going to be competing with other companies in the area. So you’ll want to communicate with prospects regularly and, when you find one you really like, pull in other execs from your company to help woo them. Be enthusiastic about why you specifically want them and why they will love working for you. Mashable suggests taking a candidate and their partner out to dinner to show that you’re interested in them as a whole person – not just what they mean to the bottom line of your business.


If you need help recruiting the best talent for your business, get in touch with Vesper! We can help you with your recruiting process you stack your staff with the best people out there.


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