Featured Client: Quant Trading Firm

At Vesper, we work with a variety of clients, and sometimes we’re called in to take over specific headaches. At one of the firms, as you’ll see below, snacks, beverage, and food was a recurring thorn in the side–we stepped in, tested a few vendors, and implemented a few guidelines to help keep the team happy.


1. Name, Job, Company

Chris C., quantitative trader

2. What made you seek Vesper out for additional admin support? 

We were between operations managers and looking for a way to handle a lot of various administrative tasks that arise. Having no one in place was distracting and costly for the rest of the team, and Vesper offered a low-risk, easy-to-try solution.

3. What made you choose Vesper over other services?

We looked around, and while Vesper was fairly new, the profiles of the management team seemed relatable and trustworthy, and we also shared many mutual contacts between them. After chatting with a few people who tangentially knew or knew of the Vesper founders, it seemed like a no-brainer to at least try them out.

4. What does Vesper do to help around the office? Any specific projects that Vesper has owned or managed?

Vesper has helped us with automating more of our meal ordering (hectic, given our various dietary restrictions); saved time in helping us have a single person to go to for ordering snacks, beverages, refreshments, etc. — as well as taking care of reservations, picking restaurants or venues for teammate dinners or vendors, and organizing the logistics around various team events including booking and coordinating schedules.

These all may seem “not that hard” for any one person on the team to manage, but they all undeniably take up significant time in any teammate’s day, as an organization we don’t want to give them up (snacks, meals, events, etc.) and so Vesper is able to help us save that time while simultaneously providing an extremely professional contact who displays no entitlement around doing tasks that “need to get done” but may not be appealing to all.

This is a way in which we’ve been able to leverage Vesper’s help dramatically, to the point we were absolutely ecstatic to sign a 1-year contract with them as soon as our initial trial ended.

5. How has your work life changed since discovering Vesper?

I’ve been able to focus more on the core business, and have noticed some (but not all) teammates spend less time on miscellaneous things like shopping for specific snacks or brands, or being interrupted by deliveries or visitors. I’ve also noticed more bandwidth to address other issues that arise — issues that may not be as urgent, but are nonetheless important.

6. Sum up your experience with Vesper in 3 words. 

Reliable, Efficient, Effective.


If, like Chris, you have a team that has a variety of specific dietary needs or could benefit from having an experienced professional take care of your team and office, get ahead of the issue and see how much it would cost for your team to hire a Vesper Manager here!


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