Featured Client: Tritan Collective

If you’re a tech company or a forward-thinking small business looking for strategic advice in design, product, or strategy, look no further than Tritan Collective. Here’s what their busy CEO had to say about working with one of our Vesper Managers!

1. Name, job, company?

Nelson Chu, CEO, Tritan

2. Why did you seek Vesper out for support?

Calendar and scheduling were getting unwieldy and taking up way too much of my day to day–going back and forth with clients, prospects, etc.

3. Why did you choose Vesper over other services?

When compared to an AI or an offshore resource, it’s a no brainer, especially given the experience of their assistants

4. What does Vesper do to help you around the office?

Billing and invoicing, some client relationship management, team culture building, scheduling, ordering items, etc.

5. How has your work life changed since discovering Vesper?

Convenience and additional time is the most valuable thing, it just frees up your time to focus on the more important things like running your business

6. Sum up your experience with Vesper in three words:

Simple, effortless, invaluable


 *Note the image above is of the old office. We just helped them move into their new one!*

If you’re in the market for some experienced administrative help, let us know if we can assist you! We’ve created an “admin calculator,” so you can ballpark where your costs should or could be while working with us.


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