So, What is an Employee Happiness Survey (and why does it matter)?


Does it matter to you how happy your employees are? The answer should be a definite yes. Studies from The Wharton School of UPenn, among others, have found that businesses with high levels of employee satisfaction perform considerably better than those with lower levels. Research from the University of Warwick claims that happiness makes people 12% more productive at work! It’s easy to see how those numbers could translate into a more successful business – so why don’t all companies place more of an emphasis on the happiness levels of their employees?

One reason could be that it’s a hard thing to measure. That’s where Employee Happiness Surveys come in.

The employee happiness survey exists in order to measure the level of engagement and satisfaction of your employees and to figure out where you as a company might be falling short. There are plenty of great survey templates that you can find online– but it’s best when you can create one on your own that’s tailored to the particulars of your company.


Sample Employee Happiness Survey Questions

If you want to create an employee happiness survey to measure the satisfaction of your team, here are some basic questions that you’ll want to ask.

Overall Job

Do I have clear responsibilities?

Do I have authority to carry out my responsibilities?

Do I like my job?

Do I am recognized for my good work?


Your Boss

Do I respect my boss?

Does my boss provide clear goals?

Does my boss provide helpful feedback?


Your Growth

Have I enhanced my skills since working here?

Do I have opportunities for growth at this company?

Does my boss care about my career path?


Your Co-Workers

Do my co-workers work efficiently and help move us toward our goals?

Do my co-workers cooperate with each other and other groups?


Your Salary

Am I content with my salary?

Am I content with my benefits and additional compensation?


Company Mission and Leaders

Do I feel aligned with the company mission?

Do I have a good sense of how the company is doing and where I stand?

Do I trust the company leaders and the direction they are taking us?



Do I enjoy working for this company?

Do I wish to continue working for this company in the years to come?


These are the basic fundamentals of employee happiness at any company, but it’s a good idea to add other questions to your employee happiness survey pertaining to specific aspects of your company culture and values. That way you can get a better sense of whether your team is happy with what your business is doing – or not.

The results of an employee happiness survey can help you understand how to better motivate your employees and improve their productivity. For example, if they don’t feel as though they have the authority necessary to complete their assigned tasks, you can facilitate better communication amongst employees and managers/bosses to ensure a more productive workflow.

If you want help disseminating and collecting employee happiness surveys get in touch with us at Vesper. We can help you get surveys filled out – and analyze their results.



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