New Year, New Habits for Your Business


It’s January and everyone has all sorts of ambitions for everything they’d love to accomplish this year. And as of now, it’s all still possible! It’s great to make resolutions as individuals, but have you thought about what changes your business can focus on in the new year? January is a great time to take stock of where your employees or processes could use some improvements and make some business new year’s resolutions as a company. Here are some ideas for how your employees can jumpstart the new year with fresh new habits.

Better Communication

Every company has its own established way for employees to communicate, whether it’s through regular meetings at the office, Skype calls, email, etc. The problem is that we all tend to get lazy about this stuff and communication can sometimes take a backseat to whatever pressing issues come up throughout the workday or week. Assign the task of establishing a regular communication schedule to your office manager – or outsource an office manager to help you do so. (note: That’s what Vesper is for!) That way, it is part of one person’s work routine to ensure that meetings, phone calls, follow-up emails, etc. happen as scheduled, and communication doesn’t get bottlenecked because one or two people let it slide. Having one person to hold everyone else accountable can help improve communication and enhance productivity. 

Morning Checklists

Encourage your employees to create a daily schedule of priorities every morning before they begin working. This is an incredibly effective way to minimize the amount of time spend on low-priority tasks and to make sure that the top priority tasks get done more quickly. Have each person, including yourself, outline your to-dos in order of importance and allot a certain amount of time to each one. Then check them off one-by-one throughout the day so you can track your progress.

Check email in batches

Checking and responding to emails is, of course, an important part of most of our jobs. But it can also be a huge time-suck. In fact according to a study on productivity by McKinsey, the average professional spends about 28% of their work day managing email. Instead of being pulled away from a task every time you get a message, try reserving one or two blocks of time throughout the day – say an hour in the morning and an hour at the end of the day – to check your mail and respond to all those requests. Bulking this task into a few short batches can save you a tremendous amount of time during the day.

Get Organized

Having a cluttered office can be very distracting for your employees – and to clients who visit the office. Have your employees dedicate a morning or afternoon to giving the office space a little love. Everyone can work independently to de-clutter their own desks, and you can have everyone chip in to figure out ways to improve the look of the office as a whole. A fresh coat of paint or some new storage solutions can also do wonders for your space. Schedule this kind of upkeep on the regular depending on how often you need it – many companies opt for a seasonal cleaning to make sure the clutter doesn’t get out of hand.

Get Help With Your Business New Year’s Resolutions

Start this year off right by getting good habits in place company-wide. We can help out with any office needs you might have – particularly when they come to budgeting and cost-cutting! Stay tuned for our upcoming infographic on company operational spend, and check out our recent post on how to save money on personnel for office management.


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