How to Write a Standout Office Manager Cover Letter

No matter what kind of office you work in, the job of office manager is one of the most important roles in the business. Office managers are expected to wear a lot of different hats, and they’re tasked with keeping the place running smoothly no matter what else is going on in the office at the time. Despite the challenges that accompany an office manager position, however, it can also be a very dynamic and fulfilling job – one that pays $41.40 per hour on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — and one that allows you to engage with other people and sharpen a huge range of skillsets.

We’ve seen our fair share of cover letters and applications for the Vesper Manager role, and we put together a set of best practices based on the best and worst ones we’ve read. Hope you find these tips helpful!

4 Crucial Elements of Standout Office Manager Cover Letter

The following four tips can help ensure that your office manager cover letter lands you an interview.

Be personable

Office managers have to interact with pretty much everyone at the office, from secretaries to CEOs. It’s important for you to come across as friendly and personable in your office manager cover letter so that you stand out from the rest of applicants. Introduce yourself and include a few personal details that might help someone better understand you as a person, such as your interests outside of work (travel, playing music, etc.).

Tell them how you got here

What made you decide to become an office manager in the first place? If this is your first time applying for this position, use your office manager cover letter to explain why you’re transitioning to this new career path. If you’ve been a long-time office manager, describe what it is you like about the job that has made you want to continue to do it.

Highlight Applicable Skills

Whether you’ve worked as an office manager before or not, you can call attention to applicable skills that you have that make you a better candidate than others. Are you familiar with office technology, such as software programs, photocopiers, telephone etiquette, etc.? Do you have awesome organizational skills and the ability to multi-task like a pro? Are you able to stay calm and composed even when the pressure is on? Highlighting specific skills that you have honed over the years will help you stand out.

Talk about their company

The more personalized your office manager cover letter is, the better. Companies love to know that you admire their work and have done your research to find out all you can about them. Discuss why you’re interested in what they do and why that company or industry would be a particularly good fit for you.

If you have a strong background in administrative work, good people skills and a desire to manage people and a variety of tasks, a strong office manager cover letter is just what you need to help you land your next job. To learn more about what it takes to become an office manager, reach out to us at Vesper.


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