4 Easy, Tested Tips that will Reduce Workplace Stress


It’s no secret that work can sometimes be stressful, whether you’re getting a startup off the ground or running an established company. Entrepreneurs are used to dealing with high stress levels – some even thrive on it! But what about your employees? They have to deal with stress too. Stress-related health care and missed work is costing employers $300 billion a year! The more you can do to keep your employees healthy and focused, the more you’ll see their productivity go up and costs go down.


4 Tips to Reduce Workplace Stress

Here are some easy and inexpensive ways you can help your employees lower their workplace stress levels.

Offer Flexible Hours

If possible, give your employees a little flex-time in their schedule. The ability to come in late or leave early once in a while can greatly reduce workplace stress – even more so than asking them to work shorter hours. You can have certain required hours for team meetings, etc. and then give them a little flexibility during other parts of the work week.


Working in a cluttered office space can heighten workplace stress levels the second you walk in the door. Take some time regularly to declutter the office and rid it of messiness and unnecessary buildup. You can also spruce it up with pretty décor – plants have been proven to reduce blood pressure levels and can also improve the look of an office.

Provide Healthy Snacks

When we’re stressed, we tend not to take as good a care of our bodies – especially when it comes to our diets. Stress at work might lead to grabbing quick, unhealthy lunches or junk food from a vending machine or nearby bodega. You can help your employees nourish themselves by providing healthy snacks for grabs in the office kitchen – fresh fruit, nuts, power bars and other nutritious options help to keep people satiated and can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Offer In-House Massages

Massages can help to balance out stress at work by reducing anxiety, risk of headaches and other muscular tension. If you want your team to relax and be on top of their game at work, start looking around for new massage therapists that are trying to build up their practice – a lot of them will be happy to drop by the office to give quick, free or cheap massages if you tip them well. It’s a great service for your employees – even if it’s only a short 10-minute chair massage on their lunch breaks.

Your employees are the foundation of your success and keeping them happy and healthy – with low workplace stress levels — is a crucial part of keeping your company running as smoothly as possible! Vesper works with a variety of vendors who can help your employees de-stress and relax in fun, healthy ways. If you’d like to offer more perks or you’d like us to help your office design wellness programs to help employees de-stress, let us know here.



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