Featured Client: Primary

This week’s featured client, Primary, is a new co-working space here in New York City. You may have seen them featured in Bloomberg, Harper’s Bazaar, or Office Lovin‘ (one of our favorite office design blogs). Full disclosure: our offices are at Primary–the free yoga and studio classes that come with membership were too good to pass up! They have been open since May, and Vesper helps them with their procurement and 3rd party vendor needs.  See what they have to say about working with Vesper below!


1) Name, Job, Company
Lisa Skye Hain, Co-Founder, Primary


2) What made you decide to seek out Vesper for extra support?
Vesper came to us by accident… they toured Primary in hopes of taking new office space and we fell in love with the idea of outsourcing our kitchen, office and bathroom supply management and ordering.  The rest is history!


3) What made you choose Vesper (or continues to be) over other office management services?
For us, having Vesper literally down the hall from our offices makes it a no-brainer to stay with them over other outsourced companies. It is all about convenience, especially in New York City!


4) What does (or did) Vesper do to help you around the office?
Vesper handles all of our kitchen, office and bathroom supply ordering, inventory and management. They also helped us to vet commercial cleaning companies and then continued to spearhead quality control of the cleaning service.


5) How has your work life changed since discovering Vesper?
Working with Vesper is a savings of time, resources, and money!


6) Sum up your experience with Vesper in 3 words:
Easy, enjoyable, empowering


If your co-working space needs help with procurement, event planning, or vendor management, our Vesper managers are available to help! In many cases, we’re able procure standard office items at a significant discount.

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