4 Valuable Summertime Productivity Tips for the Office

 Summer’s here – and let’s face it, most of us would rather be eating tacos on Rockaway Beach than sitting at our desks, staring at a computer. Unfortunately, professional life doesn’t stop just because the weather’s nice – even though our business-minded motivation may be elsewhere. If you have a team of folks who might be slowing down for the summertime, the following tips can help. These ideas to boost workplace productivity will ensure that everyone stays hardworking – and happy – while the weather’s warm.


Top 4 Workplace Productivity tips for the Summertime


  1. Offer Summer Fridays.

Summer Fridays (when companies offer employees shortened Friday work hours roughly between Memorial Day and Labor Day) have long been a coveted New York City tradition. However, according to a recent study, only 12% of adult workers in the U.S. get to experience their benefits. People tend to shift into a weekend mindset on Fridays during the summer, which means their work lags, no matter how many hours they spend at the office. So, offer your team shortened Fridays, and you may see a boost in employee productivity during the rest of the week.


  1. Plan and schedule organized fun.

People crave fun during the summer, so plan events and activities for your team throughout the season to keep them energized and happy. Have an employee barbecue during lunch one day, or end the workday early and take the team bowling. Organized activities can satisfy employees’ desire for some summer fun, and they help create a team bonding experience.


  1. Encourage Vacations.

Don’t create a culture where your employees are afraid to ask you if they can take a break. Instead, encourage your team to take vacations during the summer months. Vacations have been shown to do wonders for employee productivity when it is lagging– and they also have other important benefits, like better health and boosted morale.


  1. Use Goal-Based Incentives.

To encourage your team to continue to work steadily during the summer, offer them some goal-based incentives. Give your team a tangible reward (a gift card, party, bonus, etc.) for reaching certain milestones – like making a certain number of sales or finishing a specific long-term project. Giving your team concrete touchstones to reach – and reasons to reach them – will help keep their productivity levels high.


Want help planning seasonal activities to keep your work team happy? Get in touch with Vesper. We can plan in- and out-of-office events to keep everyone on task this summer.





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