4 Helpful Tips for Smooth Employee Onboarding



Hiring somebody new for your company is an involved process: there are the applications , the interview(s), the decision-making discussions, and finally the hire. While it would be nice after making that job offer call to sit back and enjoy watching your new team member work – there’s one crucial step to ensuring your hire is successful: employee onboarding.


The Benefits of a Successful Onboarding Process

Onboarding – or getting your new hire literally “on board” with your company’s values, mission, culture, inner-workings, and more – is one of the best ways to ensure that a new employee flourishes on your team.

Studies have proven the importance of onboarding:

  • The first 90 days of employment are pivotal for building successful, positive rapports among coworkers. (source)
  • Employees who underwent an onboarding process were 69% more likely to remain at a company for more than 3 years. (source)
  • Companies that have an onboarding plan see 54% greater new hire productivity than those that don’t. (source)


Onboarding Process Tips 

If you’re considering bringing in new hires to your company, or you’re looking to tweak your company’s onboarding plan, check out the following tips. This onboarding checklist can help ensure that your new employees are stoked to work for you – and that you’re setting them (and your team) up for success.

  1. Start the process at the moment of hiring.

By the time a new employee gets to the office on day 1, he’ll probably be feeling anxious, excited, and a little overwhelmed. So, start the onboarding process early – at the moment you make the hire. This will ensure he has some time and clarity to absorb important information that can help make his start smooth. Accompany the hiring phone call or meeting with an email containing introductory documents, guides to company policies, and even friendly notes from current employees expressing their welcome and excitement. 

  1. Assign new hires a mentor.

Assign a mentor to all new hires when they arrive at the office. A mentorship-style onboarding process helps reinforce training, and it provides new hires with a resource for questions when they are feeling uncertain. Mentorships also help immediately foster relationships within the office.

  1. Create a company dictionary.

Every company has their own nicknames, buzzwords, and inside jokes. Compile a list of the language used specifically by your company, and give it to hires during the onboarding process. This will help the hire feel like they are part of the team right away — and it will also reduce the number of questions they’ll have to ask when they’re assigned a task that incorporates some of your company’s secret language.

  1. Don’t overlook the day-to-day.

Onboarding often feels like it’s more about introducing a hire to the bigger picture stuff at your company: philosophies, values, etc. However, while the big things are important –the small stuff is, too – like how to use the coffee maker in the break room, how to make double-sided copies, or who to get a stamp from when you need to mail a letter. Spend time explaining rote, day-to-day administrative and office procedures, and you’ll make office life much, much easier for your new hire right off the bat.


Looking to bring new hires into your company, or need some temporary help while you look for the right job candidate? The team at Vesper can help. Our experienced office managers can provide administrative help while you search for a new hire and make sure your office continues to function without any hiccups.


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