Featured Client: The 88

This week’s featured client, The 88, is a bespoke digital agency here in New York City. They moved into a new office a few months ago and asked us to help them get settled in their new space. The photo above is the end result of the phone booth project they asked us to coordinate and manage. See what they have to say about working with Vesper below!


1) Name, Job, Company

Joe Coppolo, Social Media Director (resident Interior Designer), The 88

2) What made you decide to seek out Vesper for extra support?

We needed a resource who could do the time-intensive work that went into moving to a new office and needing to organize, design, and decorate the space. We’re also a growing company and needed help staying on top of weekly office tasks such as ordering supplies.

3) What made you choose Vesper (or continues to be) over other office management services?

Convenience and dependability – Vesper is always there when we need them, even if it’s late on a Friday I know they’ll be available to help out in a bind.

4) What does (or did) Vesper do to help you around the office?

Research and purchase manage furniture for our new office, manage and order office supplies, researching and hiring handymen for various projects, overseeing large deliveries or repairs, organize stockroom, closets and cabinets, sell old furniture from our move, and I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting!

5) How has your work life changed since discovering Vesper?

Saved a lot of time. Before Vesper I felt like I had two full-time jobs, spending nights researching furniture options and organizing projects that needed to be done, which was a huge resource drain.

6) Sum up your experience with Vesper in 3 words:

Dependable, convenient, trustworthy.


If your office is planning a move, our Vesper managers are available on an hourly basis to help you manage the process, from pre-move to post-move. We know that moves are stressful and we’ve handled a bunch of them before–we’re here to help make them not-your-problem!



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