How to Make Sure Your Office Birthday Bashes Aren’t Lame

Office birthdays can be a mixed bag: some people love to celebrate their big day at work, while others would rather do almost anything than wear a birthday hat and be serenaded by their coworkers. (Check out this crazy list of office birthday snafus from the Society for Human Resource Management.) However, if it’s part of your company policy or tradition to get festive on team members’ birthdays, there are some things you can do to make sure your office birthday celebrations are enjoyed, remembered, and, most importantly, never dreaded.

Tips for Awesome Office Birthdays

The office birthday party ideas below can help ensure that the office birthdays that you throw feel manageable – and that they don’t end up feeling lame.

Celebrate Everyone’s Birthday – Equally

One key rule to office birthdays is that everyone’s should be celebrated equally. While the exact event or activity does not have to be the same, each celebration should be equally big or expensive. You don’t want to celebrate executive Kathy with a giant open bar happy hour on her birthday, while only giving Jim in sales a tray of cupcakes for his.

Change Up Activities

Special activities that take people out of their daily routine are a great way to mark a distinct occasion. Offering employees an opportunity to do things like eat lunch out of the office, get chair massages, or have mimosas at the end of the day can help honor the birthday celebrant — and keep office morale high. However, while you want to spend the same amount on each of your office birthday ideas, you don’t want to host the same activity for each person. Consider tailoring the celebration to the person who is being celebrated; that way, people won’t get bored with office birthdays, and they’ll look forward to their own event. If you want some office birthday party ideas, check out this creative list from Keeton’s Office & Art Supply.

Skip the Singing

It’s a time honored tradition – but let’s face it: there are very few people who really enjoy silently facing a group of adults while they sing the “Happy Birthday” song to you. Cake is always nice, and it’s fun to blow out candles – but consider nixing the serenade portion of the event. Instead, create your own office tradition pre-candles: like yelling “Happy birthday!” as loud as possible as a group, or playing a famous birthday song when it’s time for treats.

Celebrate in a Group

If there are too many people on your team to celebrate each individual day (or if you have birthday budgetary constraints) consider celebrating monthly office birthdays. Having one bigger celebration per month — as opposed to several smaller — will ensure that you have adequate resources to throw a fun, well-planned event, and that anyone who doesn’t want to be singled out doesn’t have to be.

If you need help planning office birthdays, or want some guidance in thinking of office birthday ideas, hit up the team at Vesper. We’ll help you scheme, book, wrap, decorate, deliver, and more, so each team member feels adequately awesome on their special day.


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