3 Awesome Team Building Activities for Work Groups

If you’re a business decision maker or you manage a group of employees, there’s something you should know: team building activities for work groups work — and they’re also important. After all, a company can be made up of the smartest, most talented and driven staff in the world, but if those people can’t work together, you’re going to be in for some problems.

Effective collaboration in the workplace is essential, and a recent survey by the Clear Company proves it:

  • 97% of employees and executives believed that the lack of alignment within a team affected the outcome of workplace projects.
  • 86% of employees and executives believed that either the lack of collaboration or effective communication was the main cause of workplace failures.

So, if you want to ensure your team members are communicating, cooperating, and collaborating well, consider trying out the below office team building exercises. These team building activities for work not only ensure that employees are working together– but that they are also happy while they’re doing it (which we all know is a key to a healthy, thriving company!)


Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang works well as an icebreaker, and it’s one of the best office team building activities for groups that are just getting to know one another.

  1. Before the activity, count how many people will be participating. Then, come up with a list of items that come in pairs – one for each participant. (E.g. Yin and Yang, Laverne and Shirley, Ham and Cheese, etc.). Write each item on an index card.
  2. When your group assembles, tape one card onto the back of each participant.
  3. Have your team members walk around the room and ask yes or no questions about what item is on their back.
  4. Once each person has figured out their own card, they must go find the person who is sporting their item’s pair.
  5. Have each pair sit down with one another and share 3 interesting facts about themselves that the other person might not know.


Paper Tower

 Paper Tower is one of the simplest team building activities for work groups – but it gets at a lot of essential workplace skills: teamwork, communication, problem solving, and creativity.

  1. Split your larger group up into smaller groups of three.
  2. Hand each group one piece of printer or copy paper.
  3. Instruct each group to build the tallest freestanding structure they can, using only the sheet of paper. Give the groups 15 minutes to build.
  4. At the end of 15 minutes, measure the structures and declare a winner.
  5. Have each small group share their strategy with the larger group, and have a group discussion how each process could be improved for the next time.


The Human Knot

The Human Knot is one of the easiest trust building activities to do at the office. It requires team members to be in close physical proximity to one another, breaking down barriers and helping develop communication and problem solving skills.

  1. Have 10-12 team members stand in a circle with shoulders touching. If you have more than 12 participants, split up the larger group into multiple smaller groups.
  2. Have each person reach their left hand out into the middle of the circle and grab another person’s left hand. Repeat with right hands.
  3. Once all hands are grasped, the group has to figure out how to untangle their “human knot” without ever letting go of hands.


Prep for Team Building Activities for Work Groups

If you’re looking to do some team building activities for work groups with your staff, get in touch with the team at Vesper. We can help you gather necessary supplies, set up your office, or find the right space to facilitate bonding.


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