Featured Client: Spoon University

Obviously, we think our team of office managers is pretty great (more on them soon!). But you might be tired of hearing from us about all the standout services that we can provide your company.

So, instead of continuing to brag about ourselves, we thought we’d chat with one of our clients, Mackenzie Barth – the CEO of Spoon University – so our readers have a sense of how existing clients use Vesper.

Spoon University is a viral food media startup geared towards college students here in New York City. They’ve grown quickly in the time that we’ve known them, and they always have something delicious happening in the kitchen! #Perks.

Here’s what Mackenzie had to say:

1) What’s your name and what’s your role at your company? 

Mackenzie Barth, CEO, Spoon University

2) What made you decide to seek out Vesper for extra support?

My cofounder and I were spending too much time on office tasks but couldn’t afford to hire a full-time office manager, so Vesper was the perfect solution.

3) What made you choose Vesper over other office management services?

I knew Jason and Margaret from their previous company and trusted that they would take care of us!

4) What does Vesper do to help you around the office?

Shipping things, planning office events, organizing merchandise, ordering snacks and other supplies, scheduling and managing handymen

5) How has your work life changed since discovering Vesper?

It’s saved me a ton of time on researching, ordering things and managing the little details of the office. Now I can reallocate that time to the more important things that will help move the business forward.

6) Sum up your experience with Vesper in 3 words:

Convenient, trustworthy, efficient.

If you’re thinking about hiring a full-time or part-time office assistant or manager and budget is a concern, we’d love to see how Vesper could help. Feel free to drop us a line from the homepage or email!


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