#TGIF: Memorial Day Edition

We had our first week in the 80s this week in NYC, and everyone who wasn’t already going somewhere for Memorial Day is now making last-minute plans to ditch the city and head for the woods or the beach.

Here’s a list of where we’re going this weekend (mostly home…to see family), but we’re all headed to some pretty interesting places!

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, birthplace of more professional sports players than anyone ever knew
  • Baltimore, Maryland, where the blue crab season is booming
  • Wayzata, Minnesota, which we all thought was fake until one of us was actually going, and we found out Jerry Lundegaard tried to buy a parking lot there

  • Potomac, Maryland, where Bravo mistakenly decided to film a Real Housewives (no, a Vesper mom is NOT in it)
  • Brooklyn for the first staycation of the year involving going to…Manhattan…to see an exhibition that only ironic Brooklynites would truly appreciate

Thank you to our veterans and hope everyone has a fun/safe Memorial Day weekend! We’ve made sure your office will be beautiful and stocked full of snacks and coffee for your Tuesday morning back…


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