4 Valuable Corporate Recognition Tips for a Healthy, Happy Team

Ever wondered if using corporate recognition to recognize good performance at your office is actually necessary? The answer, IOHO, is yes.

We’re probably stating the obvious here, but your company’s employees are pretty darn important when it comes to how your business does. So, keeping them happy and motivated should be high on your priority list. Not only does having a happy team ensure that you have an awesome corporate culture, it also means that your workplace is more productive and motivated.

An interesting (and slightly terrifying) stat? More than 65% of employees in the U.S. are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work, and according to a Gallup report on the State of the American Workplace, disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 and $550 billion annually.

The best way to keep employees engaged, according to a study done by McKinsey? Praise and recognition – and that’s why you should consider implementing a corporate recognition plan at your office. If you want to get started showing your team how much you appreciate their hard work, check out the 4 helpful corporate recognition tips below.

1. Identify your company values and the behaviors that match them.

Before you start giving out fun employee recognition awards, you should consider what the most important values are for your company – and what employee behaviors help boost those values. Then, make sure you consistently recognize employees for those specific behaviors (e.g. helping out other teammates, communicating effectively with clients or customers, etc.). Of course, you want to up your team’s morale in general, but you also want to show your employees which of their behaviors help boost your business – then reinforce those by doling out recognition. One of the most important corporate recognition tips? You should inform your team of what specific behaviors will be rewarded before your start any employee recognition program.

2. Choose relevant rewards for corporate recognition.

 Everyone loves being recognized, but your corporate recognition gifts aren’t going to go very far if you’re giving people something they don’t actually want. A plastic engraved trophy? That might not motivate all your employees to get engaged. Gauge your team before you choose rewards to make sure what you’re offering is actually going to motivate them. Some companies help ensure recognition gifts are relevant by using a recognition company like Rewardz or AnyPerk, which let employees choose their favorite reward from a selection.

3. Don’t wait too long to give corporate recognition gifts.

Every company operates on a different timeline, but if you want to use corporate recognition gifts as incentives, you can’t wait too long to give them to employees. This means that offering one big “Employee of the Year Award” at the end of the calendar year may be too long range to promote regular awesome behavior. Try offering fun employee recognition awards once a month, or even using a points system to give employees recognition when they’ve done a certain amount of good for the team.

4. Make it personal.

 If you’ve got an employee that deserves recognition, don’t just email them and offer them a gift. Employees that have done a good job should be recognized, genuinely, in person by their higher-ups and teammates. A smile and a thank you can go along way in fostering positive employee morale. Having a ceremony to give out fun employee recognition awards is also a good way for your entire team to thank an employee in-person, and to create a company culture of recognition.

Need help implementing a corporate recognition program or delivering corporate recognition gifts? Vesper can help. Our team of seasoned office managers can help show your teammates the recognition they deserve.


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