4 Insanely Helpful Office Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you’re a brand new startup or a small biz that’s been in the game for a while, you are aware that running an office comes with its own set of challenges on top of your daily business duties. But keeping a well-maintained office is a big part of how you can keep your company running smoothly and efficiently. Sometimes business owners and office managers of small companies don’t realize that they don’t have to tackle every office service by themselves — that someone else can actually take things off their plate. Here are some office services that you might not even realized you could get help with and that can be super helpful in keeping an office running like a well-oiled machine.

Event Planning

Keeping up your team morale is a crucial part of maintaining a happy and productive staff and having team outings can be a fantastic way of doing so. Whether you want a monthly team happy hour, a weekend retreat or a game of laser tag, you can hire Vesper to plan an event that your team will love. Events are a great way to keep your employees happy while making sure that you keep your attention focused on more “important” business stuff.

Office Supplies Delivery

There’s nothing worse than discovering that you’re out of paper, printer ink or other essential office supplies right when you need to get a big project done. Having a reliable office supplies delivery system in place is an office service that will take the headache of arranging frequent runs to Office Depot or Kinko’s – especially when you’re working on a tight deadline.

Office Staffing Services

For a lot of companies, certain times of the year simply come with a heavier workload than others. If you’re hustling on a huge project, courting a lot of new investors or going through a different type of crunch period, you might need a few extra staff members around. Or, you might need someone to fill in when your beloved executive assistant goes on paternal leave. Office staffing services can be a godsend when you are short-staffed or need more hands on deck than your regular staff can offer.

Shopkeeping Projects

Offices can require an insane amount of maintenance and upkeep to keep them clean, organized, and running smoothly. Have you been thinking about dividing your open-floor plan into cubicles to increase productivity? Or wanting to move those extra crates into a different area to free up more room for meetings? You don’t have to take time out of your work schedule to do that office service yourself. Sometimes small businesses can hire an extra set of hands extra to help with big or small shopkeeping projects just to keep the office in good shape.

Vesper is here to help you keep your office running efficiently. We help you take care of the everyday tasks that you need – and even the ones you might not know you need. 


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