4 Important Tips for Small Office Relocation Management

A couple of Vesper’s clients are either about to move or in-between moves, so we thought we’d put a post together on how best to do it out of sympathy for folks who are in the same boat. 

If your small business is moving offices, there’s a good chance that means something exciting. Maybe your company is growing, or maybe you’re about to enjoy a brand new piece of real estate. However, while moving offices certainly has its perks, it also comes with its fair share of headaches – particularly the logistical side of office relocation management.

There are lots of things to keep in mind if you’re planning to move offices, especially if you want to do it well, and with as little stress as possible. So, if you’ve been charged with office relocation management, you’ll want to check out the tips below. This basic moving premises checklist for small offices can make your move as smooth as possible – so you can focus on the exciting side of changing scenery.

1. Plan and label.

When it comes to office move management, one of the keys is to start early. Before you begin to pack for your move, you’re going to want to examine a layout or map of your new space, and designate where each employee will be situated. Then, assign each desk or spot a number to help keep things organized. When moving day arrives, let each member of your team know their assigned number, then have them label every box or container they pack with that number using masking tape and a sharpie. That way, when boxes are moved into your new space, they can be placed in the right location – minimizing the amount of work you’ll have to do after your arrival.

2. Leave the machines to the professionals.

Nearly every office has cool gadgets that help it run (i.e. copy machines, fax machines, scanners, espresso machines, etc.) And, if you’re in charge of office relocation management, you might be tempted to let Larry in HR try move the copy machine in his pickup truck to save your company some money on the move. However, trying to move fancy machines on your own is a risky idea – and one that might end up costing you more in the long run if something breaks or goes awry. Instead, leave moving machinery to professional business relocation movers who have the experience to make sure your valuable stuff gets to your new office in one piece.

3. Update people about the move.

 When you’re about to change your company’s address, one of the top things on your moving premises checklist should be to let people know! This means that if you have vendors, you should inform them of your new address so they can bring all your paper, espresso pods, water jugs, etc. to the right place. Also, let the people who service your machines know where you’ll be so they can come fix any printer jams. Another key to office relocation management? Letting your customers know. Put your new contact info up on your website, in your print marketing materials, and on products – and send an email to your email list letting those customers know you’ve changed spots.

4. Get help with your office relocation management.

 We totally understand that running a small company is tough work. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about checking every box on your moving premises checklist, you should consider hiring help. Reaching out to professional business relocation movers who have experience with office move management can help ensure that your entire move process goes smoothly: from packing to cleaning your old office to unpacking in your new office to getting all your gadgets up and running.

If you’re about to plan an office move, let Vesper help. Our professionals can take the reigns on your office relocation management, so you can focus on what you do best.




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